Goce Davidov - Unique artist

My artwork covers the cosmos, but in the micro view. As particles align or molecules act as independent units, and as attraction and rejection create a table or molecules form in space.           In creating multiple iterations of one form, I, as the artist, build a tactile reality by pursuing my emotional, psychological, conditional present. By applying these forms, which I call “plod”, in a sequence of their own choosing I create a new emotional expression from the dozens of iterations of my emotional reality. The role of these “plod” is to organically form together a biological molecule to bring together one idea or one thought. This molecule of a single idea or thought is meant to subdue the viewer through the work’s clarity, purity, and balance.

Rainbow mosaic coffee table

Unique coffee table is ready for sale

If you want fo add a fresh and contemporary accent in your home this Rainbow Table is the right thing.

Simple black coffee table, but the hand made mosaic top gives her the very unique look.

One of the rainbow meanings is that the rainbow will bring fresh beginnings, and new prosperity.

So, start your day with fresh cup of coffee and rainbow in your home.

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